Tokyo Interdisciplinary Life Science Consortium


The "Strategic University Collaboration and Assistance Program for the Enrichment of University Education" of 2009

Program Title: Establishment of a Base for Cultivating Well-Rounded Graduate Talent Via the Tokyo Interdisciplinary Life Sciences Consortium
Participating Universities: Tokyo Medical and Dental University, Ochanomizu University, Gakushuin University, Kitasato University

Four universities which possess complementary characteristics capable of improving the field of interdisciplinary life sciences are at the core of efforts to establish a network linking industry, government, academia, and the community. They will do so by expanding upon the connections among various research institutions, corporations, and government bodies in the Tokyo Metropolitan Area. In addition, by continuing to form links with community networks they will build an interdisciplinary environment for research and education which transcends the public/private framework and is based on collaboration with the community. They will produce wide-ranging scholarship in order to cultivate talent capable of understanding and addressing real-world societal needs. At the same time they will form a base for the life sciences encompassing industry, government, academia, and the community.